It's teacher hunting season!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Should the Giants coach be put in the rubber room?

Teachers are at fault for everything. There is no responsibility assigned to the parents, nor to the students, god forbid. And a distractive culture, with an ever-rising range of electronic distractions, at home and in the classroom, consuming students' attention.
But we all want to throw teachers upon the bonfire.

With the ignominious defeat by the Minnesota Vikings, last Sunday, January 3, 2010, of one of local football teams, the New York Giants, we see the need to make some heads roll. Lets make some tough, hard decisions, put their feet to the fire, raise the bar, and leave no New York fan behind. This defeat is too demeaning to us. Some examples must be made!!!!!!!!!

The skill set in the Giants is deficient; let's make the right choice from our toolset: rubber room, cloaure, what else?

Vote in our online poll, the results will be channeled, magically, both to Joel Klein and to the national football commissioner.

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