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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Resolved question re M and V lines mash-up; update: revision found at NYU News

Open question posed to the Gothamist, David M. Quintana of "Lost in the Ozone" blog and other expert parties:

As one of its cost-saving moves the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority is merging the M and the V train lines.
The curious matter is the following: The M train rides on the J train route, and the V train rides on the F train route. (The lines cross at Essex Street station.) How will this connection take place?
Will a train connection (around Essex Station in Lower East Side) need to be created?

Some clues are to be found at an article by Anna Sanders New York University (NYU) News ( website has clues about the matter, with an outline of a map. The question is nearly resolved. The southern Brooklyn segments of the M train will be eliminated. Riders will have to take alternates, like the B train. A "mash-up" of the V and the M would serve hipsters well: a one seat ride from Broadway/Lafayette or Bowery to Williamsburg or Bushwick.
As to how the configuration would occur: the V train would diverge from the BDF lines east of Broadway/Lafayette Station and would divert south through an existing tunnel between Houston Street and the Manhattan Bridge, named the Chrystie Street Connection, then would join the J train and would veer east along its current trajectory from Essex/Delancy Street Station, toward Williamsburg and Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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