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Sunday, January 24, 2010

NY1 features some of the more favorable coverage of some NYC schools issues

It has come to my attention,

that the New York City local cable news station, NY1, has some of the more sympathetic coverage of some issues in New York City education.

In just the last few days, the station has addressed activists' suit re police abuse of protesters' civil liberties, "Group Claims NYPD Violated Protest Rights," Sunday, January 24, 2010,

Without Paul Robeson, Many Students Will Have Their Needs Unmet.

Despite Low Grad Rate, Student Comes To School's Defense.

While they reporters are not going as deep into the issues as the bloggers have, and I must note that the station quotes the NYC DOE and that given that their lies are so deep and loaded that they require voluminous rebuttal, the station is addressing the stories with more depth than the New York Times does.

It is refreshing to hear students themselves defend the schools and their teachers, in contrast to the usual outlets (that merely run press conference announcements or mayoral pronouncements) and far too-many pundits (and probably too many people that you have personally met) believe that Joel Klein is a phenomenal genius, performing the greatest education miracles of all time.

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