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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meet New MTA Maps; Reflections on Moses-Era Mistakes

After Hurricane Sandy, the New York City transportation world has changed.

Here is how the Metropolitan Transit Authority in upper Manhattan and Bronx looks. Keep in mind the overriding principle, no subway trains south of 42nd Street or 34th Street.

Here is the new look of subway transit in Brooklyn. Remember, none of these trains make a connection from the eastern shore of the East River to Manhattan.
Considering all the flooding of subways, it appears that the Robert Moses-era "reforms" to replace elevated trains with subways was not such a smart idea.

Also, this disaster brings to mind the 1965 Northeast US blackout. The subways could not run. By contrast, the Boston transit system continued running because it ran on its own power system. With the blackout of 2003 added in, wouldn't you think that the MTA would start considering getting its own power generator system? And shouldn't the major Con Edison stations be moved away from Zone A and B areas?

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