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Sunday, October 28, 2012

BREAKING: WALCOTT HINTS SHOW UP TUESDAY - Email: Schools to Open; Teachers Should Appear

Five o'clock note:
Walcott is hinting in a Sunday email that mayor Michael Bloomberg's New York City schools will be open Tuesday.
The storm is coming Monday afternoon. Will wreck its havoc in the afternoon and evening. And then, six hours --or maybe four-- later, we are supposed to leave home to get out early for work, because the subways might still be shut down, or just getting back in gear --remember, with our big system, it takes hours to shut down and then restart the whole system. New York governor Andrew Cuomo will not have yet lifted his state of emergency; many of the schools will be open as shelters for thousands of temporally homeless Zone A people. And mayor for life will expect people to drive through the BQL (Brooklyn-Queens Lagoon) to get to work.
You liked 2010's Blizzardgeddon? You liked Michael Brown's heck of a job in New Orleans seven years ago? You'll love how Bloomie handles Rainageddon. Let's see him venture out to coastal Staten Island, Brooklyn, or Queens.

* * * *
You can't make this stuff up - Truth stranger than satire
Crazy but the city actually intended for several hours Saturday night to close the subways but keep the schools open.

Here is New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott's note toward the end of his 9:30 pm email to city school employees:
Reporting to work on Monday
At this time, we expect City government and schools to open on Monday. All agency employees are requested, beginning after 11 p.m. on Sunday night, or on Monday morning, to watch local news, or check or the agency's web site, for the latest information before leaving for work on Monday. Thank you for your cooperation.


Dennis M. Walcott

* * * *

Last night:

Dear Department of Education Teacher:

The Department of Education recognizes that you are expected to perform educational miracles, expected to perform to a degree that your students will meet AYP expectations with all students, and with limited resources.

Therefore, the mayor Bloomberg and I have decided that all public schools will be open. Teachers that fail to appear will get letters in their file and will have hourly observations by local administrators and by the raters in the network contracted to support their school.

Observations will begin on Wednesday, as administrators are excused from the mandate to appear to work for Monday and Tuesday. This is in recognition that it will be an undue hardship on the administrators to come to work, because many will be driving in from Suffolk County or Westchester County.

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