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Sunday, November 18, 2012

NYT: Mayor Bloomberg Was a Middling Student

From the New York Times, March 18, 2012:
(Clues to New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's education policy in his relations to his hometown of Medford, Massachusetts?)
As a child, Mr. Bloomberg was a nerdy but middling student, president of the Medford High School slide rule club and briefly in charge of collecting dues from fellow students. In his memoir, he wrote that he was deeply bored, a restless suburban boy dreaming of a grander life in New York.
The article also lists his various modest contributions to institutions in his hometown.
(Junior High School photo of Bloomberg)

By Michael Grynbaum, Mayor’s Ties to Hometown Fade, but for a Few, They Are Still Felt."

The comments section carried this comment from a Medford resident:
The greatest mystery is that not one personnel friend, from all of those years in Medford can be identified. That is an odd individual from most normal backgrounds. Of course most billionaires are not normal. The paper of record here missed telling the most significant story with regard to Mayor Bloomberg/Medford in which he relates that his father had to buy the family home through a third party to conceal that they were Jewish. He may or may not be right about that. But the real point is that he tells this story to the media while his Mother is alive. She disagreed with him. What a stupid and lousy thing to do while your Mother is living in the town and in her late nineties. After all she preferred to live in Medford and loved it. He has always seemed to have had a disconnect with his hometown.

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