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Thursday, January 7, 2010

DoE official gets boos at public meeting at Jamaica High

Live reports on WNYC radio (820 AM and 83.9 FM) of a public meeting, of tonight, Thursday, January 7, 2010, reported that the audience met the Department of Education representative's statements with boos. This was at a public meeting on the New York City Department of Education's plans to close Jamaica High School. The mayor and chancellor are feeling omnipotent as ever as they are set on closing nearly two dozen high schools. I concur with bloggers that think that there should be a coordinated fight-back against these closures. As a Bronx-oriented blogger, JD2718, wrote, "A school-by-school campaign would involve a strategy whereby each targeted school would create its independent case for not being closed. I understand the desire to do this. If I was in one of the schools, I would try. But I see the danger that school could be pitted against school."

Earlier today the member-supported radio station uploaded a long text article with positive photographs of the school, murals behind students, and a large pool.

Let's make sure to support the city's comprehensive high schools, by making a similar show of support for a large high school, this coming Monday night, January 11, 2010, at 6PM (with a rally preceding at 5 PM). Come to the meeting at Norman Thomas High School at 111 E 33rd Street (and Park Avenue). (Transit info in side-bar at the right.) Organizers in the movement to defend New York's schools are mobilizing to make this meeting the center-piece for a city-wide meeting.

Print this Grassroots Education Movement flyer on the issues surrounding the massive, class- and race-skewed pattern of school closures.
Come to Monday, January 11's meeting!

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  1. On Tuesday, I went to the SCRL hearing, which is one of the small schools that will be phasing out.

    JD2718's forewarning came out that night. SCRL used data to show, powerpoint presentation, that the other small schools in the Stevenson Campus were not performing well on their PR and their graduation rate was lower than their's. They wanted to know why SCRL is the one chosen for closure.

    I felt very uncomfortable when I saw and hear that because everyone, all stakeholders, must just concentrate on the questionable process that the DoE is using to close schools.