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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Live blogging; my (bold?) speculation re tonight's primary results

We can thank the ambition and organization of the WABC-TV (channel 7) website.
Their site has a special, in-time primary election returns site.

We have a major upset in the public advocate race: look who's leading.

PUBLIC ADVOCATE RESULTS, o.k., with 12% reporting, at 9:30
DeBlasio 32%
Green 31%
Gioa 17%
Siegel 13%
Syed 4%

The narrative of this: NY1 pundits (especially Carl McCall) said that Green must get 40% or he will be seen as vulnerable. Now, this: second place, behind Councilor DeBlasio.

Get ready for a heated next two weeks. There will be two big run-off races on September 29. Let's just hope that it does not get bitter and nasty.

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