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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

David vs. Goliath??: Thompson transforms!!!

I am confessing:
I was a Tony Avella voter. I thought that William Thompson was way too lethargic in his campaign tone for challenging the mayor.

Thompson was almost electrifying tonight, in his primary victory speech. He dug into Mayor Michael Bloomberg's performance, touching on many issues, the taxes, the parking fines, the water rates.

I can confidently endorse Thompson. If he keeps up this tone and rhetoric, he has the groundwork to pierce Bloomberg's armor.
His millions (Bloomberg's, not Thompson's) in the race are not a certainty to victory.
Remember that Michael Huffington, a conservative Republican, outspending the Democrat, Diane Feinstein, an incumbent U.S. Senator, nonetheless failed against the financially weaker Feinstein. This was a record-setting non-presidential campaign (with $28 million from Huffington's own pocket), with regard to Huffington's staggering campaign budget.

The results, with 91% reporting:
Thompson, 70%
Avella, 21%

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