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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Haimson, Ravitch et al 180 pp e-book on reality of Bloomberg / Klein's NYC schools

The stars of academic critique of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Chancellor Joel Klein have authored a book, available in $12 form from
"NYC Schools Under Bloomberg and Klein:
What Parents,Teachers, and Policymakers Need to Know"

This excellent 180 page book is a valuable resource for parents, teachers and other activists pulls the wool away from the eyes about the reality of the Bloomberg / Klein changes imposed, unilaterally, without transparency (openness to the public -or other elected officials for that matter) upon the New York City Department of Education.

The report has hard facts and solid analysis that dispels the notion that the changes have been productive for New York City schools. This fills the gap that has resulted from the New York Times' ignoring problems, or repeating Klein/ Department of Education spin and distortion.

Educators, parents, and scholars challenge the Bloomberg administration’s claims of progress in the New York City public schools. Seventeen writers argue that under Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Joel Klein NYC schools have stagnated or lost ground in achievement, class size, curriculum and instruction, overcrowding, transparency, and equity. Authors DIANE RAVITCH and DEBORAH MEIER are respected scholars; JENNIFER JENNINGS, AARON PALLAS, DAVID BLOOMFIELD, and EMILY HOROWITZ are academics who have researched NYC schools extensively; STEVE KOSS is a former public school mathematics teacher and parent; STEVEN SANDERS and JAMES BRENNAN are former and current NY State Assembly members; HAZEL DUKES, UDI OFER, DEYCY AVITIA, and LEONIE HAIMSON are education advocates; SOL STERN, ANDREW WOLF, and MAISIE MCADOO are journalists covering education; PATRICK J. SULLIVAN is a public school parent serving on the Panel for Educational Policy, the city’s central school board.

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