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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NYPD Busts Middle-Aged Couple for Dancing in Subway

Routinely we read of the police killing minority youths over mistaken interpretation of objects. Now, the invincible abuse their power with a middle aged couple, and they find themselves the target of a lawsuit, rightly so.
New York's Finest, the New York City Police Department, NYPD, arrested a couple after they were dancing, United Press International reported.
The papers have reported that dentist Caroline Stern, 55, was dancing with her boyfriend when waiting on a nearly empty IRT platform at Columbus Circle / 59th Street. Goodness, did the New York Post miss another opportunity to bash a teacher??? One outlet reported that boyfriend George Hess, 54, is a teacher of film and prop industry. He must be a teacher at some private institution, since this did not produce a "Teacher Busted" headline in the Post.
Of course, we find that the real reason for the arrest was that Hess filmed the proceedings and that got the police calling for back-up.
A commenter at one page quipped:
A multiple choice question: You are a NYPD police officer and you encounter a couple dancing at midnight on a deserted subway platform.
A) Join in briefly and jokingly move on.
B) Say "Nice evening, isn't it?" and move on.
C) Tell them it's late and that dancing isn't allowed here, but have a safe ride home and move on.
D) Argue with them, refuse their ID, call for backup, wrestle them down and take them handcuffed into custody.

"The city Law Department is reviewing the court papers, a spokeswoman said," the Post reports.
Accountability only for teachers; not for police.
Your tax dollars hard at work.

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