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Monday, July 16, 2012

NYC Student Blinded in Bias Attack; Suspects Arraigned reported, July 14, 2012 that the city has arraigned two youths over an attack on one middle school student, an attack that left a student blind in one eye.
Is it usual that it takes a month and a half after such a crime?

Experience shows that the New York City Department of Education plays the hear and see no evil approach with student bullying and serious misbehavior.
It tolerates bullying and anti-gay bullying and other harassment. The pattern is disinterest and then inappropriate referral to the ladder of referral. The ladder of referral for those not in the know is the bureaucratic tool for task avoidance. In the real world, if there were nasty, persistent and aggressive harassment upon a person, there is usually speedy action. (Try harassment in an office. You'll see how long you're allowed to continue your behavior.)
But in the netherworld of the DOE, administrators routinely drag feet and steer clear of promptly acting against perpetrators. (Accountability anyone?) You inform your superiors of pattern harassment. They say, "did you call the parent?" (With some administrators, you actually inform of an actual assault and you get the same response.)
Let's see how fast society would break down if the same practices were followed. You're groped. You inform a police officer, he put his hand on my chest. His response: did you call the parent? I'd bet that we'd edge closer to a lawless state of nature in a few weeks.

The parents ought to scour the staff and see about who reported what harassment warning signs prior to this incident and what administrators' foot dragging responses were.
If the DOE principals and assistant principals did such things, in the name of "keeping the numbers down" (that is, keeping the number of reported incidents down), the parents ought to sue the city for millions.

The report Saturday from NY1:
Two middle school students were arraigned Friday on hate crime charges stemming from an attack at a Brooklyn school in June that left another student without sight in one eye.
A Department of Education report said the two students assaulted eighth grader Kardin Ulysse on June 5 in the cafeteria of Junior High School 78.

They were charged with third degree assault, criminal mischief and menacing as hate crimes.
The DOE report said the students also made anti-gay remarks toward Ulysse before the attack, which his father said cost him his sight in his right eye.
The city law department said both students were paroled to their parents.
A conference on the incident is scheduled for August.

From Democratic Underground: (Commenters there share the view that the keep the stats down at all costs prevails as the first order in mayor Michael Bloomberg's schools.)
Bloomberg's $$$ and PR machine has a way of making stories like this disappear.

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And this one nearly slipped by unnoticed. Yesterday I caught a quickie radio mention of the he fact that the kid's parents are filing a suit against the city. Which sent me a-googling. First I ever heard of the attack... which took place June 4.
The school system here (famously under Mayoral control) plays games w. stats and ... needless to say... excludes glbts. from the curriculum. (Hmmm.... I wonder if there could be a connection there: between the school system's refusal to teach science and history as they relate to glbts and brutal attacks by young ignoramuses against other kids perceived to be gay. Hmmmm.... Hmm...... Hmmmm.... I wonder. Hmmmmm....

Here's the NY Daily News on line story about the suit:

The pint-sized punks who pummeled a teen in a school cafeteria leaving him blind in one eye are facing a slap on the wrist for their anti-gay motivated attack, officials said Friday.
Dressed like choirboys in their Sunday best, the little hooligans were arraigned in Brooklyn Family Court on assault as a hate crime with their lawyers entering not guilty pleas.

The maximium penalty they face for the maiming is just 18 months in a juvenile facility if they're convicted, officials said. They would face considerably more jail time under the hate crime statute if they were adults.
The 14-year-old victim, Kardin Ulysse, did not attend the brief proceeding. He underwent a corneal on transplant on his right eye this week, his fifth surgery since the vicious attack at Roy H. Mann Junior High School in Bergen Beach on June 5.

"These are not children," the boy's father Pierre Ulysse said referring to the perps. "They're animals. Unfortunately I can't do to them what I want to do."
"These kids get to go home and our son is suffering with one eye," Ulysse added.

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Response to Smarmie Doofus (Original post)Sat Jul 14, 2012, 05:43 AM joeybee12 (37,569 posts) 1. Yup, a slap on the wrist...
I'm not for draconian punishment for youth, but it sounds as if nothing will happen at all...and I doubt the family could sue the families of the brats for anything...mainly because thye wouldn't have the money.
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