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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vote for James Eterno and ICE-TJC slates for new UFT leadership

Vote for James Eterno for the new UFT (United Federation of Teachers) president.

Sure, the annointed, unelected UFT interim acting president Michael Mulgrew puts on confident talk on television, but on every point, Mulgrew and his predecessor's response to the multiple, successive crises that the city, the state and the national education secretary has been weak and ineffective.

Why vote for the ICE-TJC slates and not "for the woman" or "for the man" in this month's UFT elections?
--because the problems of the UFT today are not accidental. The problems stem from a lethargic, cronyistic, insular clique that is the Unity faction. The Unity caucus has entirely forgotten its fighting roots of the Albert Shanker era (yes, even withstanding his Cold Warrior-ism); it has forgotten that every gain was from an aggressive, pro-active posture, of waging strikes.

Read the above ICE-TJC campaign flyer. The Independent Community of Educators (ICE) stands for principles of a stronger contract, rather than the ineffective Unity clique that has made concessions that have allowed the most hostile working climate for teachers since the 1970s or possibly since the 1960s.

Click here for the ICE UFT election flyer, as presented on their blog.
ICE is joining ranks with Teachers for a Just Contract, which is fighting for a better contract, as well as fighting for a stronger rank and file participation for the activism of the union.
You can reach Teachers for a Just Contract by calling (212) 831 3408.

TJC's mailing address is
Teachers for a Just Contract
Post Office Box 545
New York, N.Y. 10028

Their email address is


  1. I voted ICE - most teachers have been sleepwalking since Mulgrew got grandfathered in...and being led, as a result, like lambs to slaughter.
    The UFT is becoming oligarchical and the penultimate paragraph of your blog post says it all.

    Wake up teachers, pay attention to the steamrolling going on, organize, vote for ICE, or get steamrolled at your own peril.