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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Resource statistically revealing Joel Klein era as boldy segregating

We have seen the trends first hand, i.e., in the schools.

The Village Voice found a case example of the trend last month, in a glaring example, with a segregated school building, with two contrasting populations, P.S. 198 and P.S. 77.

So, let's get this clear again:
New York City Schools have become starkly segregated under School Chancellor Joel Klein. The trend is this: schools have shifted from having mixed populations, to becoming far more exclusively composed of one race. Click through the following address. Scroll to the bottom of the website for a particular school. You will see a chart showing the ways in which school populations have become more homogenous.

Go to School Digger for New York State:

Then enter the zip code you are interested in studying, enter high school, and the number of miles you are interested in studying school populations for that range.

You will find schools; then, you can click to a school in the range you find, to find how the racial composition of schools has skewed.

See for yourself: you can clearly see the racial homogenization of New York City's public schools.
Some various findings:
White population at Murry Bergtraum, declined over 50 percent from 2002 to 2008.
And for the School for the Physical City, that population has declined from 57 in 2001 to 16 in 2007.
In the same period, the city opened the Bard High School Early College that has drawn a majority White population in contrast to other Manhattan High Schools": 297 in 2008, out of a student body of 543.

The NYC Department of Education ("DoE") doesn't think that integration is a pursuit worth reaching for. Time was, Seward Park had different groups in its student body. Now, there are different schools under one roof, at the Seward Park "Complex" on Grand Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side:
Dual Language School and Asian Studies School: 257 Asian %, 15 Hispanic, 14 African-American, 7 White
New Design School: 252 Hispanic %, 134 African-American, 16 Asian, 14 White
Essex Street Academy: 197 Hispanic%, 88 African-American, 36 White, 21 Asian

The source for the statistics themselves?
The bottom of each school's page in the schooldigger website indicates: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education.

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