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Monday, March 2, 2009

Seldom a snow cancellation of classes .. Notice given FAR too late

Here we are, hours away from what is projected to be the hugest snow storm the city (NYC) has seen under Mayor Bloomberg, and there is no comment about a snow day.
(There are estimates that 14 inches of snow could fall by Monday morning's commute.)
In other adjacent municipalities local governments are advising against driving, some advising against leaving the house unless necessary.
Yet, in keeping with an apparent tradition that stretches back, at least to mayors in the 1980s, the mayor is apparently steadfast against a school closure. This is in spite of the fact that on Sunday, March 1's 11 PM television news, nearby school systems, in Newark, Jersey City, Bayonne, and on ... had declared their schools will close.

This reckless refusal to close schools, under almost any snow circumstance, places students and teachers at safety risk. It is truly miraculous that no disasters have struck individuals under these circumstances.
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The mayor gave notice about the storm, far too late, at 5:50 AM. This is a city where schools often start at 7:30 AM. Commutes start early. Additionally, there are teachers that begin their commutes (from the far stretches of the outer boroughs, Long Island or even New Jersey) at about 5:50, or shortly thereafter. This notice was given far too late.

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