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Friday, March 27, 2009

Addendum on PIP+ dangers to teachers

An addendum to my post earlier this week on PIP+ perils.
Thanks to Chaz and his blog, "Chaz's School Daze."

He has brought important statistics to the pattern of using PIP+ to terminate teachers.
See Chaz' latest blog post on PIP+ in the Gotcha Squad process.
What is very interesting about how the "gotcha squad" works is that they seem to require that the targeted teacher go through PIP+ where 75% of the teachers are found incompetent. More about PIP+ in a later article but it is safe to say that the union approved PIP+ is just another Tweed tool to terminate teachers. Furthermore, the Principals are required to fill out the "Principal Worksheet To Terminate The Teacher." Finally, the Principal gives the poor teacher her final "U" observation once PIP+ is completed and the teacher is now removed from the classroom and the eventual filing of 3020-a charges a couple of months later.

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