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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rhee alert! Rhee alert! Her spin on Chicago's strike: Praise Emanuel / Hedrick Smith sides with NFL refs

Live blogging CBS' "Face the Nation," September 30, 2012

Michelle Rhee has nothing but the best to say about the two main party presidential candidates. She starts off with complimenting Republican nominee Mitt Romney, that he has a solid plan for education. About the Democratic incumbent Barack Obama, she says that his education accomplishments are the best parts of his record.

They're talking economy on this panel.
All Rhee says: education, education. (Does she think about any other issue?)
She pursues the myth that jobs can't be filled, and that the answer to this is that our schools aren't teaching children properly.

She has said that she's a liberal Democrat. Yet she never argues against any point that Gingrich make, such as when he says that Kasich and Walker are doing wonders in Ohio and Wisconsin.

Then, there's the voice of fresh air, New York Times reporter emeritus and PBS Frontline contributor and producer, Hedrick Smith. He opened his comments with a critique of the National Football League owners. He cited the great wealth that their franchises produce, and he noted that the NFL wants to shift the referees' pensions to 401k's, which Smith said have been a failure.

See Face the Nation's page for the transcript of Rhee's first contribution; and then here

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