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Monday, August 13, 2012

Charter School Group Linked to Genocide Denialists

Too much to blog about. Too little time. School Matters alerted readers in the last week to the following about the Gülen Charter Schools:
The individual most responsible for the proliferation of Gülen Charter Schools in LAUSD is the Board President herself, Mónica García. García's ties to the Gülenists are long-standing, and she is a tenacious advocate on their behalf. She is speaking at the Gülenist Pacifica Institute in September 2012 regarding her prominent role in corporate education reform and the unprecedented privatization of LAUSD under her neoliberal reign. The Pacifica Institute ran into controversy last year, when Armenian groups protested the organization's ties to Turkish groups denying the 1915-1918 Armenian genocide. That García chooses to be so insensitive to the considerable Armenian population in her school district is most likely attributable to the fact that there are no Armenian organizations managing large chains of lucrative charter schools in LAUSD.
Click here for link to full blog post, "Mónica García champions the Gülenist Charter Movement in LAUSD." (First published in the Daily Censored.)

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