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Saturday, March 31, 2012

LI Student Chokes Teacher Over Cellphone; Telling Policy Failure

The New York Daily News reports that this week a high school student put a teacher in a chokehold when he told him to turn down the music.

And how did this situation come to be? Administrators teach students an essential lessons, "Rules don't apply to you if you are a student." They doggedly refuse to confiscate cellphones and other electronics. And students get to listen to teachers' request to hand over the personal electronics or shut them off. They get a good derisive laugh at the powerless teacher. This is a win-win: the child gets away with continuing to be disruptive, and the diminished classroom attention lowers the performance. BINGO! Ammo to get rid of the teacher. --Bad test scores, you know.
One suspects whether Elmont administrators back-slide on confiscating cellphones as they do in New York City. In the latter, giant signs tell students no personal electronics. And administrators over and over and over ignore the infractions.

"Long Island teacher choked after telling student to turn down music from cell phone: Teenager busted in attack on 50-year-old Elmont teacher
A student
was walking through the hallways of Elmont High School when the 50-year-old teacher told him to mute the music.

When Hameed refused, the teacher confiscated the phone — and the student responded by knocking the older man to the floor and putting him in a chokehold.

And parents join in on the attack on teachers, literally. This story from California, "MUSD – Parent Assaults Teacher at John Muir Elementary in Martinez."
the teacher, according to several parents of students in the classroom, apparently wouldn’t let a child use his/her cell phone, and when the mother of the child found out, she came to school and allegedly verbally & physically assaulted the teacher.

And some schools coddle the phone-addiction hobbled students by caving and fantasizing that they can be productively used in class. Can you say NAIVE!?!? Think of all the phone-monitoring that the teacher must do. So much time lost. The cost-benefit analysis shows that this is a waste of time.

This blog's gripe is an issue with you? Well, if so, dump all state tests. Don't hold teachers to that fire when parents shower kids with electronics, instill no self-restraint in the kids, and have parent and child-terrified administrators flee from enforcing any standards of restraint of using personal electronics.

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