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Monday, October 3, 2011

State education officials knew about scrubbing for years but did nothing: e-mail -

State education officials knew about scrubbing for years but did nothing: e-mail -

Curious that cheating is substantiated at a New York City school, yet the city feels compelled to study the matter more, yet, all claims against teacher mis-conduct are always substantiated.

Same problem appears in the powers-that-be being unmoved, unfazed over teacher allegations of New York State Regents and other state tests.

In this example from this summer, investigators dismiss the allegations that teachers make. See this story from this summer:

Sharon Otterman, "New York Times", "Under Bloomberg, a Sharp Rise in Accusations of Cheating by Educators", August 22, 2011.


Sharon Otterman, "New York Times," "State Says It Analyzed Test Erasures for Cheating; 62 Schools Proved Suspect" September 23, 2011.

In New York State, however, education officials have said the spark that set off most of the investigations in those places, a procedure called erasure analysis of standardized tests, was something they could not afford and did not do.

Yet officials revealed this week that the State Education Department had quietly been conducting erasure analysis on some high school Regents exams for more than three years, a process that red-flagged 64 incidents of possible problems, including one that led to the ouster of an assistant principal in the Bronx.

And after an audit by the state comptroller raised concerns about cheating in 2010, the State Board of Regents voted, to little notice, to expand such analysis to six additional tests last school year, and to all Regents exams in 2011-12, though the necessary funds were never authorized.

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