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Monday, September 5, 2011

Bloomberg in Hot Water for WifeBeatGate Cover-Up (re Deputy Mayor / Manhattan Institute Big)

The news outlets have been all over the story:
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg covered up for NEARLY AN ENTIRE MONTH the fact that Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith's resignation was occasioned by his arrest on the charge of assaulting his wife. Mike's silence has him in unflattering news in a range of high profile media outlets. Boy, the media love affair and fealty to the New York city-state prince has wither
Mayor still defiant Bigthink columnist blasts Times for soft coverage

(We would like to bring up that he is chairman emeritus of a division of the rightist free-market Manhattan Institute, has a named appointment at Harvard --Daniel Paul Professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government and a former mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana. The same Wikipedia biography reference indicates that he is an ed profiteer: he has been a Partner of Knowledge Universe.)

Thursday "The New York Daily News" reported that Bloomie hid from the media (Jonathan Lemire and Reuven Blau):
Under furious attack about his coverup of a top deputy's domestic violence arrest, Mayor Bloomberg abruptly canceled his radio show Friday morning to avoid being grilled.

WOR radio's John Gambling is mad at the formerly teflon mayor, The Daily News' Reuven Blau reports.

WNYC radio which has had innumerable appearances of ed deformers such as Eva Moskowitz and Geoffrey Canada, has the WifeBeatGate story as its lead story today as of 2:00 PM:
The lead story's page headlines, "Bloomberg Defends Decision to Withhold Disclosure of Deputy Mayor's Arrest." (Arun Venugopal)
WNYC's story began:
Mayor Michael Bloomberg refused to apologize on Sunday for not disclosing that Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith had been arrested before he resigned.

The administration had initially said Goldsmith had left to pursue opportunities in the private sector. Last week, it was revealed Goldsmith had been arrested in Washington, D.C., in late July on domestic violence charges. reports that "City Columnists Bash Bloomberg Over Goldsmith" --David Freedlander reporting.

At link to "Bloomberg Under Fire Following Goldsmith Scandal" By: Michael Herzenberg.

Lindsay Beyerstein, blogger at criticized "The New York Times" for writing that she said was an attempt to "normalize" him. (The following quote begins with the Times excerpt.)
"Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s management style has its hallmarks: unwavering loyalty to aides and a deep distaste for exposing private lives to public scrutiny."
That's Michael Barbaro's lead in the New York Times this evening. The lead sets us up to believe this story is about Bloomberg's "management style," his "unwavering loyalty," and his distaste for exposing "private lives" to public scrutiny. Makes him sound like a pretty good guy, right?

Aside from sagacious critics such as Beyerstein, let's see how long the media keep this story going until it shifts over to his next self-congratulatory executive announcement.

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