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Saturday, February 5, 2011

DOE school staff & potential PCB class action lawsuit

Staff of New York City schools afflicted with cancer and their survivors have potential grounds for a class action lawsuit against the New York City Department of Education school system for its lingering inaction on PCB dangers in the schools.
For a couple of years the outer borough newspapers addressed this story, while broadcast media and major newspapers ignored the story.
"The New York Times" in the Saturday, February 5, 2011 edition runs a front page article on the lingering PCBs in NYC schools..

Of concern to staff is this note in the times over prolonged exposure to the PSB:
There is no immediate health risk from PCBs lingering in schools, all are told, yet with one important caveat:
the longer the exposure, the higher the risk.
(Line break in this quote is mine.)

People cannot sit sanguine on this issue. After all, this is the same mayor Mochael Bloomberg that resisted the city's cooperation with providing help to the overcome the onerous effects of longtime exposure to Grand Zero contaniments.

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