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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Will council's school violence data bill affects student and teacher safety

The New York City council is apparently moving to crack the culture o the wall of secrecy surrounding safety incidents and city schools.
"City Council OKs bill to force release of information on school crime, safety" -Just weeks ago in the "New York Daily News."
But the critical question is:
Will the city council address the problem in which principals get demerits for having schools rated as having too many "safety incidents," which contribute to principals' harassing teachers perform mandated duties of reporting episodes of violence at their schools, or near the schools.

The City Council Tuesday put a small crack in the wall of secrecy that has long hidden data on crime and safety in city schools.

The Council unanimously passed a bill requiring police and school officials to regularly release information about suspensions and arrests on campus.

"This legislation will increase transparency in the way discipline is administered and the way schools are policed," said Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

If Mayor Bloomberg signs the bill as expected, parents would be able to search online for information about suspensions in individual schools.

Council members blamed federal privacy laws for blocking school-by-school arrest data. That will will only be available by police patrol district.

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