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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vote today to support music for NYC youth

Yes, this program appears to be targeted to Harlem youth (what about Brownsville or the Bronx's Morrisania, for example?),
and yes, this program has got a corporate tie-in,
and yes, music programs ought to be reinstated across the board, in every neighborhood, from elementary to high schools, and the busted up schools should be merged in a return of the large comprehensive high school, which can accommodate school bands or orchestras.
However, this is a decent program that we should all support. So, vote today to support this cause:
Keep the Beat! Empower kids through music.
See Arturo O'Farrill and others pitch for this program at the 92nd Street Y in their 1:50 video.

The overview from the Support this Cause page for this project:
The NYC Department of Education reports that only 974 full-time music teachers serve over 1.1 million students. 92Y brings in-class instruction by Teaching Artists and concerts by world renowned performers to 3,200 at-risk students at in 25 NYC public schools. 85% of 92Y students are African-American or Hispanic; 75% qualify for free lunch. The program's mission is to introduce young children to the music of many cultures in concert and in the classroom, in order to nurture each child’s own ability to be an active listener and express themselves through music. The program includes:

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