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Saturday, February 13, 2010

NYT blogger points out curious coincidence of teacher "Rubber Room" stories

Sharon Otterman at the New York Times City Room blog drew attention,
in "A Teacher Terror Alert Phenomenon?"

to United Federation of Teachers president Michael Mulgrew's contention
that there is a curious timing of the recent spate of teacher reassignment center / "rubber room" stories when there is negative news about the New York City Department of Education.
While Otterman dismisses the idea of a conspiratorial campaign, one must note the New York Post is the biggest peddler of salacious teacher news, and that the Post even more aggressively than Bloomberg or Klein pushes core concepts of the education de former agenda. They do not need to be prodded by Joel Klein and company at Tweed Courthouse.
Otterman's disclaimer aside, she did a great job of pointing out uncannily convenient timing of the salacious stories to deflect general indignation over the path of the NYC Department of Education.

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