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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Academic paper: Gifted and Talented largely a white preserve

Study of Midwestern community argues that Gifted and Talented programs can be racially imbalanced, targeted for white students and under-representing minority students.

The study in question.

Other authors argue that the poor are also under-represented in such programs:
"Miss T. Fide," "Public school programs: Gifted and Talented in New York City" at

An October NYC parents blog post argued that the racial gap, racial disparity, is growing between white students and students of color. The blog post, "Racial gap in gifted and talented grows larger," cites published reports in the city's newspapers and studies.

In one-half dozen districts, concentrated in minority, low income districts, there is no Gifted and Talented program, according to "Fewer Children Entering Gifted Programs," in New York Times, October 28, 2009.

An archived Juan Gonzalez piece in the New York Daily News on "Manhattan Beacon School’s Racial Hope Dims"

An academic study argues that the high-stakes standardized tests for admission to such classes establishes racial segregation at an early level of students' schooling.

With the rush of many more middle class families into the NYC public schools this fall, the gifted and talented programs are likely to feel some strain in availability of slots.

A student's perspective on the gifted and talented program experience.

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  1. i just toured The Anderson School and it looked like it was EXEMPT FROM BROWN VS BOARD OF EDUCATION